There are many cannabis users who are willing to pay high prices so they can get good quality strains, but there are also those who are a bit more price conscious and would prefer getting the cheapest cannabis strains available. Now just because you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg doesn’t mean that you’re only limiting yourself to low quality cannabis. In fact, there are plenty of cannabis strains that are of good quality and fairly cheap.

Here are some of the best high quality and inexpensive seeds that you can get your hands on.

White Widow

White Widow is one of the world’s most famous strains. It was originally bred in the Netherlands and has since become a staple in almost every Dutch coffee shop. This balanced hybrid is as potent as they come and provides users with a strong high that sparks happiness, uplifted moods, and a burst of creative energy. This world class strain has also become a staple in America and its seeds can be bought for a fairly cheap price.

Blue Magoo

This is one of the most affordable strains in the market, but in no way is it a bad ganja. Blue Magoo is a hybrid that was bred through the crossing of DJ Blueberry with Major League Bud. Its flavor and fragrance have a distinct berry-like sweetness with some floral notes. Blue Magoo is a favorite of medical users because of its ability to combat certain conditions such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Novice smokers should be wary of this hybrid as it can cause one to fall asleep.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is considered to be a true legend of the cannabis scene and is regarded as one of the most popular strains of all time. It is also quite cheap, too and is known for having resinous buds and for being a resilient, fast flowering grower. This pure Indica weed has given rise to other famous hybrid strains such as Super Silverhaze and Shiva Skunk. The buds exude a spicy, sweet aroma and a earthy, sweet, flavor with notes of pine when blazed. Northern Lights is popular among patients seeking relief from insomnia, depression and anxiety due to its psychoactive buzz.


Despite being named after the killer clown from the movie “It”, this hybrid is actually quite mellow and has a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. The buds of this strain smell like pepper and coffee with some hints of lemon and bubblegum. Pennywise contains plenty of therapeutic CBD which makes it an effective partner in the treatment of epilepsy, PTSD, arthritis, and cancer symptoms. What makes this even more remarkable is how affordable this awesome strain is. 


G13 is one of the most potent marijuana strains to ever hit the market. Its potency is the stuff of legend as there are actually rumors about how it was created in a lab by the C.I.A. While this story might be nothing more than a rumor, what is true is that G13 is one of the cheaper strains available in the market. Due to its potency, G13’s buzz can be felt almost immediately and will cause the user to become relaxed while promoting a sense of euphoria and positive vibes. The buzz eventually leads to couch lock as the user is gradually cradled to sleep by this hybrid.

Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel is the offspring of the marriage between Blueberry and NYC Diesel. It is slightly indica-heavy with a pleasant body buzz that lasts for a moderately long amount of time. The aroma of this hybrid is smells like a combination of sweet blueberries mixed with diesel. The scent translates into its flavor as well. The scent and flavor of Blue Diesel might not be to everyone’s liking, but its cheap market price is something that is sure to make plenty of smokers gravitate towards it.

Obama Kush

This hybrid which was named after the former US President is a truly unique specimen. It stands out from the indica pack through the mental buzz and rush of euphoria that it provides. It is highly recommended for medical users who want a strain that can give them a balanced experienced. Its physical and cerebral effects are both powerful and uplifting, but not potent to the point where one will feel the munchies or become drowsy. Safe to say you will be getting plenty of value for this affordable strain.

The next time you’re aching to get your hands on some of the cheapest cannabis strains available, make sure to check out some of the ones on our list. They are going to give you a lot of value for your buck.