You might have probably heard or read about regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds whenever the subject of cannabis is brought up. Yeah, cannabis is a plant, so it is obviously grown from seeds, is there any difference when you grow one using regular seeds as opposed to feminized seeds?   Those who are just starting out in the cannabis growing scene may not be all too familiar with the different types of seeds available and for them, a regular seed is just like a female seed in the sense that it’s exactly what it is: a seed.

This could not be any further from the truth though because the kind of seed that you use will have a significant impact on your harvest. Remember that seeds are a pretty big part of the legal cannabis industry, and collectors who are just starting out will find that they have plenty to learn about them.

You might have heard of autoflowering or feminized seeds and know a bit about how they have certain genetic qualities to them, but what does all of this mean as far as the real product is concerned? Here is a more detailed look at regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds.

Feminized Seeds

Many of the world’s top marijuana dispensaries have been breeding feminized seeds over the years so that their plants will have 95% female yields and very little to no males during harvest. Feminized seeds have become a stable option for breeders in recent years and offer plenty of benefits. Going with female seeds means you have more plants to germinate because you won’t have any males to occupy space in your grow room. Males are usually destroyed to give way for more female plants as they produce no buds.

Feminized seeds are able to produce their own resinous buds and are created through genetic crop solution. On top of that, they do not need to be pollinated. They also don’t need to be grown in specific temperatures or require a specific amount of light in order to thrive. Thanks to human intervention, feminized seeds are now easier to grow because they are a hybrid. They take only the very best “ingredients” available through nature.

Growers who have limited space or simply don’t want to endure the hassle of dealing with male plants will find female cannabis seeds to be an excellent choice. When cared for correctly, they can give you great results without any hassles. They can also grow faster and are known for producing buds with higher active cannabinoid levels.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are similar to feminized seeds as they are both easy to grow because they don’t require a specific amount of light or temperature to mature. They also mature much faster and will begin flowering in as little as 10 weeks. Their ability to automatically flower and shift from a vegetative state as they grow is what gives them their unique appeal.

While not all autoflower yields are female, they can still be looked at as a low maintenance option because they don’t require one to have any of the male plants removed. However, growers can still remove the males if they want to play if safe. Another distinct quality of autoflowering plants is their small stature, which makes it easier for breeders to grow several auto plants in a single grow room.

Autoflowering plants are also much older than feminized ones and they’ve been around in some form for millennia. Typical autoflowers are low in the strength department, but breeders have added more to the active agents in these plants by way of genetic selection, thus making them as potent and strong as regular seeds.

Regular Seeds

Also referred to as “standard seeds”, these are the ones that started it all. Regular seeds were the only things available before feminized and autoflowering variants were introduced. The regular variety of cannabis seeds were roughly 50% female and 50% male. This genetic makeup gave growers 50/50 yields, so a lot of extra work had to be put in during harvest season to get the same amount of cannabis.

Some veteran cannabis breeders prefer to go with regular seeds because they provide a more authentic growing experience. Those who have never used them before are advised to just stick with either feminized seeds since they are pretty straightforward and are much easier to handle.

Regular seeds will require more special care and attention, especially in terms of light and temperature. You will also need to invest your time to carefully remove the male plants and start cultivating the feminized ones instead. These seeds are not for the inexperienced since every bud that they produce is earned through hard work.

Having a better understanding of the different types of seeds might help you make a more informed decision should you ever decide to start growing your own cannabis. Just remember that regardless of what seeds you use, you should always relish the experience and learn something from it because it won’t be long before you develop a passion for breeding cannabis.