Growing Your First Batch Seeds

Growing your own cannabis can be one of the most rewarding things that any 420 enthusiasts can ever do. There is no better feeling in the world than being able to smoke a stash of joints that you raised on your own. Veteran growers know this feeling all too well, and for them, it never gets old regardless of how many times they have done it. First-time growers might feel a little intimidated at the prospect of growing their own stash, but once they grow through a successful first harvest they will slowly begin to see cannabis in a whole new light.

Raising your first batch of seeds is not as hard as you think. After all, marijuana does grow like weeds, but there are a few things that can help newbie growers have a successful crop come harvest time.  The following tips should help you successfully cultivate your very first batch of cannabis seeds.

Using Feminized Seeds

The first thing you want to do before you begin growing your first ganja is to decide whether you want to grow from clones or seeds. If you decide on doing the latter, then getting feminized seeds would be the way to go. Female seeds are bred to contain nothing, but female chromosomes, meaning each plant that is grown from them will produce flowers.

Male seeds can sometimes be a problem as they tend to release pollen that can sometimes end up “impregnating” the female plants in your garden. If this happens, the females will no longer produce sticky buds and will produce seeds instead. Growers who want to avoid this headache should go with all female seeds.

Only Use Quality Clones

Should you decide to use clones to grow your first batch, then you should make sure that you are using ones that are of the best quality. You should have no problem finding dispensaries that sell quality clones. This makes it easier than ever for one to grow good quality weed, especially in legal states.

Before you fully commit to growing a clone, make sure that you check for any traces of mold or mites. If you want a bountiful harvest, then you will need to have a strong and healthy plant.

When purchasing clones, it is best to do it from one of your local dispensaries and not online. Remember that you are purchasing a live plant that needs plenty of sunlight and care, especially if the clone in question happens to be a delicate one. Clones that are mailed to your house will more than likely be “shocked”, meaning you are going to have to nurse it back to health. Going with happy and healthy clones is what you should do if you want to start off on the right foot.

Choose a Decent Grow Space So Your Plants Get Plenty of Sunlight

Just like with every other plant out there, cannabis also needs an adequate amount of sunlight in order to grow properly. Whether you’re raising them indoors or outdoors, you need to make sure that your grow space will allow your plants to get the sunlight that they need. Whenever light – be it natural or artificial – strikes the surface of your plant’s leaves, the chlorophyll will convert this energy into sugars. These sugars are what feed your plants. The more sugars your plants create and consume, the bigger they will grow.

Those who plan on growing their plants indoors will need to pay extra attention to the height of their growing space. Grow lights typically hang about a couple of feet from your ceiling, meaning your plants should grow no more than 18 inches closer to your grow lights. In this scenario, you will pretty much take out about 3.5 feet of vertical growing space. Make sure that you have enough space to allow your plants to stretch out when they grow.

Growing outdoors will allow your plants to thrive in plenty of sunlight. But before you start growing outdoors, make sure that the space you’re using will get enough sunlight each day. It also has to be free of weeds, shrubs, and branches so that your cannabis will have all the space that they need to really grow. If you live somewhere in the northern hemisphere, then you should place your plants in south-facing plots as they tend to get the most sunlight every day.

Use Quality Soil

If you want to grow quality cannabis, then you will need to use quality soil. Putting your pot in low-quality soil will give you low-quality weed. Plants will reach their full growth potential once they are grown using good soil. If you want your ganja to be healthy and happy, then you will need to give them the right amount of nutrients. These nutrients come from the soil and pass through the roots, which means weed that is planted in high quality and nutrient-rich soil will flourish.

So there you have it. These are the things that will help you have a successful first harvest. Just follow these tips if you want your ganja garden to thrive.